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Best Friends Forever
When Jessica is served with divorce papers, her best friend Lennon convinces her to move back to Brooklyn to the apartment they once shared together, but which Lennon now shares with her live-in boyfriend Joe. Jessica expects to pick up right where she and Lennon left off, but discovers having a third person around changes things. As Lennon and Joe struggle with their loss of space and privacy, Jessica works on her self esteem issues, damaged by a cheating husband, and reestablishes herself as a newly single thirty-something. With the help of their old college pal, Rav, and despite the input from their sassy nine (AND A HALF!!) year old neighbor girl, Queenetta, the new roommates work through their "three is a crowd" issues. A cute show that wasn't given much of a chance, being cancelled after only six episodes.
Release date: April 04, 2012 Genre: Comedy, Network: NBC Status: Ended Actors: Lennon Panham, Jessica St. Clair, Luka Jones, Stephen Schneider, Runtime: 25 minutes Air Time:

Episode Guide

Season 01
Episode 1 Pilot April 04, 2012
Episode 2 The Butt Dial April 11, 2012
Episode 3 Put A Pin In It April 18, 2012
Episode 4 Single and Lovin' It April 25, 2012
Episode 5 Hey Nonny Nonny June 01, 2012
Episode 6 Fatal Blow Out June 01, 2012