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Life's Too Short
In Life's Too Short, Warwick Davis plays a fictional version of himself where he is desperate, conniving, fame-hungry and self-centred, but always gets his comeuppance. He runs a talent agency, Dwarves For Hire, for small people but is always taking the best jobs for himself. Warwick is taking part in the documentary to help raise money to pay off his huge, looming tax bill. Being a "showbiz dwarf" creates many an unusual situation for Warwick and he is constantly trying to use this to his advantage - it's just a shame that nobody recognises him without his costumes...
Release date: November 10, 2011 Genre: Comedy, Network: BBC Two Status: Ended Actors: Warwick Davis, Rosamund Hanson, Stephen Merchant, Ricky Gervais, Shaun Williamson, Steve Brody, Jo Enright, Runtime: 30 minutes Air Time:

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Season 01
Episode 1 Episode 1 November 10, 2011
Episode 2 Episode 2 November 17, 2011
Episode 3 Episode 3 November 24, 2011
Episode 4 Episode 4 December 01, 2011
Episode 5 Episode 5 December 08, 2011
Episode 6 Episode 6 December 15, 2011
Episode 7 Episode 7 December 20, 2011