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Blackout is a drama series starring Christopher Eccleston as Daniel Demoys a man who feels a stranger in his own life. Over the years he has gone from being an idealistic young man with desire to a disillusioned and corrupt council official. His life is now a complete mess and he is drinking heavily and suffering with blackouts. He has also been passing council contract details to local businessman Henry Pulis.
Release date: July 02, 2012 Genre: Drama, Network: BBC One Status: Ended Actors: Andrew Scott, Christopher Eccleston, Dervla Kirwan, Ewen Bremner, MyAnna Buring, Runtime: 60 minutes Air Time: 9:00pm

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Season 01
Episode 1 Episode One July 02, 2012
Episode 2 Episode Two July 09, 2012
Episode 3 Episode Three July 16, 2012