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Nick Nickleby
Modern interpretation of the classic Charles Dickens tale about a young man who must support his family following the death of his father, turning to his sinister uncle for help.
Release date: November 05, 2012 Genre: Drama, Mini-Series, Network: BBC One Status: Ended Actors: Andrew Simpson, Adrian Dunbar, Jayne Wisener, Anna Wilson Jones, Barbara Adair, Bronagh Gallagher, Caitlin Joseph, Clare Cathcart, David Henry, Edward Peel, Freya Parks, Gerry O'Brien, Hollie Taylor, Howell Evans, Indira Joshi, James Greene, Jonathan Harden, Laurence Kennedy, Mark McDonnell, Ranjit Krishnamma, Tony Jayawardena, Yasmin Poppy Kaftar, Runtime: 45 minutes Air Time: 14:15

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Season 01
Episode 1 Episode 1 November 05, 2012
Episode 2 Episode 2 November 06, 2012
Episode 3 Episode 3 November 07, 2012
Episode 4 Episode 4 November 08, 2012
Episode 5 Episode 5 November 09, 2012