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Sean King and Michelle Maxwell aren’t your typical private investigators. Both are former Secret Service agents, and their unique skills – not to mention their razor-sharp chemistry – give them a leg up on conventional law enforcement. Maxwell is a former elite athlete who uses her brains, beauty and Beltway connections to solve cases. King's career in the Secret Service ended when the presidential candidate he was assigned to protect was assassinated, sending him on a downward spiral. Today, King has added a law degree to his arsenal of skills, allowing him to navigate the system in ways a typical private investigator never could. Along the way, King and Maxwell clash over everything, from her garbage-strewn car to his love of wine over beer.
Release date: June 10, 2013 Genre: Crime, Drama, Network: TNT (US) Status: Ended Actors: Jon Tenney , Rebecca Romijn, Ryan Hurst, Chris Butler, Michael O'Keefe, Runtime: 45 minutes Air Time:

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Season 01
Episode 1 Pilot June 10, 2013
Episode 2 Second Chances June 17, 2013
Episode 3 Wild Card June 24, 2013
Episode 4 King's Ransom July 01, 2013
Episode 5 Loved Ones July 08, 2013
Episode 6 Stealing Secrets July 15, 2013
Episode 7 Family Business July 22, 2013
Episode 8 Job Security July 29, 2013
Episode 9 Locked In August 05, 2013
Episode 10 Pandora's Box August 12, 2013