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"Allen Gregory" is an animated series that tells the story of one of the most pretentious 7-year-olds of our time. When he looks in the mirror, Allen Gregory De Longpre doesn't see a child. He sees a young man who is intelligent, sophisticated, worldly, artistic and romantic—characteristics he inherited from his doting father, Richard. The pair share an extraordinary father-son bond—a bond that is sometimes annoyingly interrupted by Richard's life partner, Jeremy, for whom Allen Gregory has minimal respect, if any at all.
Release date: October 30, 2011 Genre: Animation, Comedy, Network: FOX (US) Status: Ended Actors: Jake Johnson, French Stewart, Joy Osmanski, Nat Faxon, Jonah Hill, Cristina Pucelli, Will Forte, Runtime: 25 minutes Air Time:

Episode Guide

Season 01
Episode 1 Pilot October 30, 2011
Episode 2 Night in Gottlieb November 06, 2011
Episode 3 Gay School Dance November 13, 2011
Episode 4 Interracial McAdams November 20, 2011
Episode 5 Full Blown Maids November 27, 2011
Episode 6 Mom Sizemore December 04, 2011
Episode 7 Van Moon Rising December 18, 2011