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Between is the story of a town under siege from a mysterious disease that has wiped out everybody aged 22 and older. The series also explores the power vacuum that results when the government quarantines the town within a 10 square mile diameter and leaves the inhabitants to fend for themselves.
Release date: May 21, 2015 Genre: Drama, Mystery, Science-Fiction, Network: Netflix Status: Ended Actors: Samantha Munro, Justin Kelly, Sarah Podemski, Jordan Todosey, Kyle Mac, Brooke Palsson, Krystal Nausbaum, Jesse Carere, Shailyn Pierre-Dixon, Jack Murray, Shailene Garnett, Ryan Allen, Jim Watson, Jennette McCurdy, Rosemary Dunsmore, Loretta Yu, Lucius Hoyos, Percy Hynes White, Abigail Winter, Ryan Allen, Steven Grayhm, Mercedes Morris, Runtime: 45 minutes Air Time: 8:00 PM

Episode Guide

Season 01
Episode 1 School's Out May 21, 2015
Episode 2 Who's the Boss May 28, 2015
Episode 3 Crossing Lines June 04, 2015
Episode 4 Love Hurts June 11, 2015
Episode 5 End Of The Rope June 18, 2015
Episode 6 War June 25, 2015
Season 02
Episode 1 Get Out Of Town June 30, 2016
Episode 2 Us vs. Them July 07, 2016
Episode 3 Hope July 14, 2016
Episode 4 Extraction July 21, 2016